вторник, 24 июля 2007 г.

Millefiori Canes - butterflies

And again butterflies! And my favourite technics milifiori:)

The complete set: a suspension bracket, ear rings and a bracelet (on an elastic band, it is not collected yet) on two parties - one white, another black:)

4 комментария:

Nylad комментирует...

your butterflies are really, really superb!!!
they are very pretty ornaments.

Eva комментирует...

i took a look at your work when you made the china girl, i come back now because of the roses necklace... and the only thing i can say after seeing your "livejournal" it's you have exploded!
What a fantastic work with colors and canes!
roses necklace is not one of my favourite in your jewelry! ;-)

Corinne комментирует...

Hello Olga, Thank you so much for your message on my site (for the Hello Kitty cane). I am glad you found my blog so I have found yours. Your work is absolutely wonderful! So extra that I put you on my linklist/favorites!! Keep on the good work, I will come and look often! Corinne from Luxembourg

Olga комментирует...

Girls! Thanks big! It is very pleasant to me to receive from you such good comments!